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Experience Expeditions Ltd is a provider of mountain based expeditions that offer an intense but enjoyable leadership and team building experience for your team.


Our leadership and teambuilding courses use both the actuality and the metaphor of a challenging journey to facilitate beneficial understanding of the mechanics and dynamics of team performance, during an immersive multiday experience. We promise, quite literally, to move you forward.

The Plan

We’ll  set  up  the  base  camp  Tipi  in  the  valley  on  Friday  evening  and  you  can  join  us  for  a quiet  meal  and drinks  around  the  fire  for  some  final  planning  and  organisation.    We’ll answer  questions,  provide  some  context and put  minds  to  rest—we  promise  a  gentle, chilled start with no icebreakers or roll play!


On  Saturday  morning, we’ll  set  off  on  the  journey  that  your  team  have  helped  to  plan, carrying everything  we need for a couple  of days. We  will  undertake a 2  day expedition  in beautiful  mountains  during  which  the  team  will take full responsibility  for  their  own progress and own eventual success.


Our  facilitators,  all  qualified  Mountain  Leaders,  will  provide  training  and  instruction  and guide  the  group  to  ensure that  the  full  range  of  team  building  opportunities  and  key understanding  are  fully  experienced,  evaluated  and understood.Having  spent  many combined  years  leading  and  coaching  teams  in  the  education,  corporate  and building development  sectors  ,  our  leaders  understand  the  importance  of  building  a  cohesive  and motivated team.

Weather  and  wildlife,  team  and  terrain,  food  and  sore  feet (and  probably  more  weather) will  literally  be  taken  in  our  stride  as  we  move  through  the  planned  journey  towards  our wild-camp. Surrounded by the inspiring simplicity of the  mountains we will visit all aspects of  our  team  building  objectives  during  our  stress-free, but  challenging  and  purposeful activity.  


We’ll  pitch  our  expedition  in  a  lonely  and  beautiful  spot and  ensure  we  have  a  good  meal before we hunker down to rest aching limbs with an early night.  


Gas  will  roar  into  life  to  warm  enough  hot  water  for  drinks  in  the  morning  

and  well  meet the day early, wet or dry, moving through our second day’s walk which will end back at the Tipi between 1pm and 2pm for more  hot drinks and an informal debrief.  During the latter part  of  the  walk  our  facilitators  can  share confidential  feedback  to  each  of  your  team  and answer any remaining questions.


We know that getting out and staying out, over a couple of days in the mountains of the UK and sharing in the endeavour and achievement of a group journey, can be one of the most meaningful activities  humans can partake  in and we  want to share  that with your team, in order to help your business thrive . They will be faced with a challenging immersive activity and  our  success  will  depend  upon  the  very  real  efforts  of  every  member  of  the  team.  We can  tailor  the  experience  to  your  developmental  needs,  however,  the journey  format  and mountain   environment   lend   themselves   specifically   to   the   following   areas   of   team performance.


Sharing Goals

Our journey will require a clear understanding of both the strategic objective for the expedition and the ongoing development of interim, operational objectives at each stage of the journey.  Individuals will be tasked in setting these goals both as leaders and team members and communicating them to all to ensure ownership and commitment.  We will investigate the importance of goal setting and communication and develop an understanding of the key elements that make this effective.  


Roles and Perspectives

Throughout the journey each of the team will experience a carousel of roles, each providing a different but uniquely important facet of overall team functionality. Through experience and repetition, team members will develop understanding and empathy, while satisfying the defined roles within our walking group. Each will experience group leadership as well as other duties throughout the two days of expedition and will take responsibility for group effectiveness from differing perspectives. This will ensure that our ultimately successful team will not only understand the significance of their own role but will have a clear understanding of what gave rise to the effective interaction that ensured their success.


Problem Solving and Dynamic Planning

Our expedition will throw up a wide range of problems for the team. Issues with terrain, weather, navigation, fitness levels, group and individual moral, will all need solutions to be developed on the side of the hill. Our facilitators will help the team understand their options and help utilise different methods for coming to effective, collective answers. Skills which of course are designed to be transferable to resulting in better decisions to improve customer retention and driving operational efficiencies.  Progress will be monitored and the evaluative checks will be developed to ensure that group decisions taken lead to the best and safest outcomes.  


Interpersonal Relations 

The weekend will be a unique team bonding opportunity. Your team will have the opportunity to interact in a non-stressful but purposeful atmosphere and will benefit from experiencing the interdependence that this real world activity will engender. Humour, tolerance, respect, support and sharing will be experienced by all and our experienced facilitators will coach and guide conversations to ensure mutual trust and open communication becomes a strength of your team, moving forward. 

Still unsure about how Experience Expeditions can develop your team and support your business objectives?  Then arrange a call with one of our leaders. 


Either book online or fill out a contact form or give us a call and we’ll answer any questions you have. Once you have booked we’ll contact you either by phone or skype, whichever you prefer, and discuss the few requirements we have and the basic kit you will need. We’ll also want to talk about what you want from the expedition and what type and length of walk you want. 

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